Martial Arts enthusiasts…….is training getting a little bit boring? Tired of the seemingly endless Karate/Kung Fu/Tae Kwon Do striking, punching and kicking drills? Why not give Pressure Point fighting and Joint Lock fighting a try?

Many of the more prominent martial arts such as Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kickboxing, Judo and Jiu Jitsu are somewhat intertwined. When it comes to striking and grappling techniques it is hard to tell where one discipline leaves off and the next begins. With most of these martial arts there is little focus in disabling an opponent with Pressure Point Fighting and Joint Locks.
The lesser known martial techniques of Dim Mak (Chinese Pressure Point Fighting)
and Chin Na (Chinese Joint Locks) are actually more effective in overcoming an
aggressive opponent, yet don't require all the rigors, wear and tear on muscles,
bones, joints, tendons and ligaments that the more traditional martial artists
experience. Do you have the flexibility of Jean Claude Van Damme? Who does?
Are you ever going to? Do you really need to? In Dim Mak you are seldom striking
with your knuckles or a closed fist which is so prominent in the more traditional
martial arts like Karate. Most Dim Mak blows are struck with the butt of the hand,
the palm of the hand, or a Karate style chop with the edge of the hand.

Also included are more than 200 short to medium length videos (each 15 minutes in length or less) totaling over 13 additional hours and featuring many dozens of specific Dim Mak Pressure Point techniques and Chin Na Joint Locking techniques. These instructional Dim Mak and Chin Na videos are not about breaking boards or cinderblocks. They are about survival.

All told we offer over 48 hours of graphically illustrated instruction from the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, The Philippines, India, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan for one low price of $50.00


In this massive collection we have tried our best to filter out much of the ancient Asian and Zen spiritual philosophy that seems to get in the way of many martial artists. These videos are not geared towards telling you how you should eat, sleep, meditate, pray, practice yoga or otherwise live your life. Unless a video provides a genuine visual learning or training technique we did not include it in our collection.

For a limited time only we are including as a free bonus over 18 hours of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu video instruction and also over 10 hours of Chinese language (with English subtitles) video instruction in Dim Mak, Chin Na and Chinese Military Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills. If you take the time to view the foreign language videos you may find them very informative. This is 28 hours of bonus video instruction in addition to the 48 hours already mentioned. All contained on one 32GB Flash Drive. And as an additional bonus we are including 17 martial arts books (in electronic form) covering various topics including Aikido, The Skill of Acting on Accupoints (Dian Xue Shu) by Jin Jing Zhong from 1934, Gung-Fu, Military Jiu Jitsu and The History of Japanese Fighting Arts.

Study these videos and watch your martial arts come alive! You will not be disappointed. Our collection of instructional Dim Mak and Chin Na videos is available for the low price of $50.00 US per Flash Drive with Free Shipping within the US and Canada. Sorry, this Flash Drive is only formatted for Microsoft Windows based computers, not Apple or Mac. We only accept USA orders (includimg US Territories - Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Guam) and Canadian orders at the above price. If you are from outside the USA or Canada and would like to place an order and are willing to pay the additional postage please email us with your name and shipping address and PayPal email address and we will get back to you with an invoice thru PayPal. We do not gouge our overseas customers on postage. You will only be charged what the US Postal Service charges us over and above a domestic shipment.

Here are a few reviews from our customers:

"Awesome, best deal I have gotten on eBay. A+++++++++++" .... Ian D, Vinton, VA.

“Excellent product and service. Highly recommended. All the information is worth its weight in gold plus 1000 times more. Very educational. I’ve got a lot out of it and recommend it for any hard core martial artist. Cheers.” …..Steve K, Sydney, Australia.

“I’ve studied martial arts for 26 years and am semi-retired and provide self defense instruction to various police forces and security firms. I am a Grandmaster in Kenpo Karate and Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu. I must say that these videos have broadened my skills immensely and have actually made training fun again. The various Dim Mak techniques and Chin Na techniques go hand-in-hand so much that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.” …….Gene C, Altoona, PA

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  Dim Mak Chin Na Video
Our collection of nearly 250 videos includes over 48 hours of instruction. 41 of these
videos are full length (1/4 hour to 2 hour) instructional videos from some of the finest
Dim Mak & Chin Na instructors in the world totaling more than 35 hours of instruction.
Although many pressure point techniques are viewed as being more humane and not geared towards permanently injuring an opponent, there are a number of techniques which are illustrated in these videos that when struck with enough force can result in grave or even fatal consequences. Some of these strikes (to the trachea or the back of the head, grabbing the clavicle and small joint manipulation) are even outlawed by the UFC and most Mixed Martial Arts governing bodies. You are urged to use extreme caution when practicing with a partner.
To view the files we highly recommend VLC Media Player as your primary video media player. It will play ALL of the files we send you. Regardless of format …… .mkv .mp4 .avi .wmv .mpg .flv …… VLC Media Player plays all of the files and is available for free download at various places on the internet. Just Google on "VLC Media Player download" or click on the link on the right ---------->
We know of no other Media Player that will play all of these files.
There is no need to spend countless hours downloading all of these files. It would take forever. We won't point you to any video download link. We've already done that work for you. All of these files were collected and categorized over a 3 year period from public domain areas on the internet. All 48 hours of our martial arts instructional videos are conveniently transmitted on a 32GB USB Flash Drive or Memory Stick. From there you can copy them to your hard drive and maintain your flash drive as a backup. Or you can copy the files to 2 different locations for safekeeping and devote the flash drive for your personal use. It is fully erasable.
Many of the specific pressure point striking techniques can be practiced individually using a dummy or "Century Bob" punching bag. For that you need no partner. But when practicing grappling and many of the grabbing and pinching techniques of Dim Mak/Kyusho Jitsu or the joint locking techniques of Chin Na/Hapkido/Tuite Jitsu it is vital that you have a practice partner and that the two of you alternate between attacker and defender. You simply cannot master joint locking and grappling techniques by practicing on your own joints or limbs.
These martial art techniques are sometimes known by other names:                                                
  • The Japanese version of Dim Mak is known as Kyusho Jitsu (Japanese Pressure Point Fighting)   
  • The Japanese version of Chin Na is known as Tuite Jitsu (Japanese Joint Locks)   
  • Hapkido is a Korean martial art that encompasses both Pressure Point Strikes and Joint Locks.